External Therapies

Cupping and Scraping are two lesser-known traditional drawing therapies that are used to treat musculoskeletal problems and other internal ailments.  Cupping uses cups or vessels of various types to create areas of low pressure or suction on the skin and are left in place for a short amount of time.  Scraping uses a tool with a rounded edge like a ceramic spoon to apply rubbing unidirectional friction to the body’s tissues.  Both these therapies relax the tissue, improve circulation, clean the tissue, and separate adhesion in fascia.  These therapies can be used on stubborn tissue and chronic issues with better, more permanent results that massage alone.  Both of these therapies can dramatically affect healing outcomes after trauma or surgery.  Also, both of these therapies leave non-painful marks on the skin called petechiae or ecchymosis, which are distinct from bruising.  These marks clear in 3-10 days generally.  Cupping and scraping are deep, transformative therapies and are not indicated for every case.  Please contact Matt directly for a free consultation to see if these are right for your case.