Thai Bodywork

Traditional Thai Bodywork is a versatile and dynamic therapy that is used to treat pain, treat injuries both acute and chronic, improve range of motion and flexibility, increase energy levels and performance, align structure, manage stress, and improve digestive and organ function.  Traditional Thai Bodywork finds its origins in the yogic, indigenous medical, and meditative traditions of Thailand.  Although stretching is the most well-known aspect of Thai Bodywork, it also utilizes deep compression, neuromuscular point work, joint manipulation, traction, and range of motion work as well to accomplish its ends.  In contrast to typical Western massage, Thai Bodywork is usually performed on a floor mat with the client wearing loose clothing that facilitates easy movement.

Thai bodywork is also a holistic therapy rooted in traditional medical concepts.  As a holistic therapy, Thai Bodywork looks at pain and physical complaints in the larger context of a complex human life.  A client’s health history, general health, daily patterns and rhythms, diet, stressors, outlook, job, environment, exercise, goals, and other factors are all considered.  In addition to physical treatments, other take-home treatments such as stretches, self-treatment, herbs, and other exercises are included as part of the therapy between visits to help bring the client’s body and mind back into balance.

Common Issues I work with include:

  •  Injury Rehabilitation
  •  Chronic Pain
  • Stress/Anxiety
  • Repetitive use Injuries
  • Flexibility and Range of Motion Problems
  • Sports Performance and Recovery
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries and other Trauma
  • General Maintenance and Well-Being