I am a licensed massage therapist offering several forms of bodywork in the Athens area. You can request a specific form of massage for a session, or allow me to blend therapies in order to give you the best overall treatment for your specific situation. I specialize in the following areas:

Bodywork and therapeutic massage for pain relief and healing:

My mission is to create partnership relationships with clients for the pursuit of their optimum holistic wellness. I recognize the essential unity of body, mind and spirit and acknowledge the role that the body and musculoskeletal tension play in all disease processes and pain syndromes. I strive to provide ongoing therapeutic relationships with my clients in order to use bodywork techniques and the wisdom of the body to help them realize their personal goals whether they are health, personal, or fitness–related.

I have spent much of my time exploring the body, mind, and body-mind connection both formally and informally, and with ideas both from the East and the West. My bodywork studies have also borne this “East-West” tendency that runs through the rest of my life. I have focused most of my bodywork studies on Neuromuscular Therapy from the West and Thai Massage from the East.

Neuromuscular Therapy, rooted in the concept of trigger points and centered around manipulating the body’s reflexes, is unsurpassed in its effectiveness in treating pain syndromes. Thai Massage, rooted in Thai Traditional Medicine, Buddhist psychology, and thousands of years of masters, is unequaled in the world of bodywork in its elegance, efficacy, and ability to decompress both body and spirit. When combined thoughtfully, these two therapies bring about a great potential for healing and relief that is truly a singular experience. It is my goal to bring this experience to my clients.